I grew up taking dance lessons and was so excited to get my daughters involved in dance.

It brought me so much joy as a child and teenager, and now as a mom, I was able to take a Mommy and Me dance class with my daughter. It was the highlight of my dancing career.

I’d had my eye on Dawson Dance Academy in Westchase even before I became a mom to daughters. Interestingly, the founder and owner of the school is Jennifer Dawson, and she and I went to school together!

From the moment my daughter and I started classes, I knew this dance school was very special. They offer all kinds of classes…everything from hip hop to jazz to ballet to pointe to the Mommy and Me classes that I mentioned. It is such a fun, happy learning environment, and also provides the disciplined, professional vibe that you want in a dance school.

The year we started at Dawson Dance ended up being the year the pandemic began. Our recital was planned to be at the Straz Center in June of 2020 and was going to be really special. Of course, that didn’t happen, but Jennifer and her team came up with a back-up plan, and we were still able to watch our students perform. They kept everything going as best they could and still kept the dancers safe but able to show off what they’d learned.

Love all the STARS at Dawson Dance.

Hear all about a great place where your kids can learn to dance (3:40) on the Experience Tampa Bay in 10 Minutes or Less podcast. You can also hear more about the upcoming Strawberry Festival concerts (:50) and explore the Tampa Bay History Center (5:50).

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Photo By Shutterstock

Produced by Micaela Figueroa