WHFS midday host Shriner wants to class up the Bay area by talking about one of his favorite local spots to visit is the Salvador Dalí Museum in downtown St. Pete. Shriner never gets tired of going there looking at the many changing exhibits. They are always changing things up with unique and different types of exhibits.  Not only do they have the largest collection of Dalí’s work there are other artists that get to be showcased in the museum.

Dalí was into so many different styles and tried to put many mediums into his works that you may find something you didn’t know Dali created. What you may not know is that Dalí worked with Rock Legend Alice Cooper in a 3D exhibit that shows…well I don’t want to give it away it’ll ruin the first-time experience of seeing it. recently they brought in a new virtual reality exhibit that has been a favorite of children of all ages.

If you’re worried about seeing the same thing, the Dalí Museum has you covered. They have rotating major exhibits like a Student Art Exhibit that runs until March 8 and a Picasso exhibit that will be in town until May 8.

Shriner hopes you will take one of the many tours they offer whether virtual or in-person as the curators of the exhibits know how to make the art come alive. They explain the history and nuance of each piece like never before.

Written by D. Donaldson

Take a tour of the Salvador Dalí Museum (:40) on the Experience Tampa Bay in 10 Minutes or Less podcast. You can also hear more about Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids (3:18) and how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Tampa’s River O’Green Fest (6:55).

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