There is a great place to experience Christmas on a night out in the town. A Christmas Themed Pop-Up Bar in downtown St. Pete. Miracle at Mezzo is the name of this little bar, and it started the day after Thanksgiving and goes all the way through till New Year’s Day.

A Winter Wonderland in a Coffee Shop

Throughout the year, they are known for their coffee and craft cocktails, but they put on the Christmas Spirit. It’s unrecognizable from its regular self. It’s as if the Cat in the Hat threw up an elegant Christmas Party in a coffee shop. From the Giant Christmas Tree to the decorations all over the wall and even the Christmas-themed outfits the staff wears, it’s all in great taste.

Festive Drink Choices

If you want to go out and get your sip-sip on, the Christmas themed cocktails are right up your alley. A cosmopolitan has been decoratively redone to a Christmopolitan, which has Vodka, Elder Flower, Dry Vermouth, Spiked Cranberry Sauce, Lime Rosemary, and tapped off with an Epsom Mist. Everyone one of their drinks is Christmas Forward. Looking for something to warm you up, try the Bad Santa. Aged Jamaican Rum, Velvet, Mixed Spice Butter, Oatmilk, and a dash of Nutmeg. Finally, how about a glass of bourbon for the sophisticated drinker out there. Instead of a ball of ice to keep the drink cool and refreshed, there is a hand-packed snowball inside.

Stop by and visit St. Pete’s own little North Pole at Miracle at Mezzos.

Written by D. Donaldson

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Produced by Micaela Figueroa

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