Fairgrounds St. Pete will wow you. We are proud of St. Petersburg because it offers so much in the way of food, entertainment, and art. Add Fairgrounds St. Pete to the list of must-do activities! It’s an arts destination where you can tap into your own creativity by immersing yourself in an environment of whimsical art, and it’s all based on original Florida lore.

You’ll see the creative innovations of artists and creators working in a variety of mediums. You can check out their exhibits and workshops. The mission of Fairgrounds St. Pete is to become the go-to for culture and immersive art adventures, as well as an economic launching pad for local artists. The goal is to enjoy art for all, joy for all, play for all.

The name Fairgrounds St. Pete refers to the traditional fairgrounds. Fairgrounds initially served as a place for showing new ideas, endorsing talent, creativity and innovation. When you go to Fairgrounds St. Pete, it’s all about play and exploration. is a place for play and discovery. So visit Fairgrounds St. Pete and celebrate Florida’s artistic community. Another important mission of Fairgrounds St. Pets is a to compensate artists. They receive some of the profits of ticket sales during the time period which their art is on display.

Written by Roxanne Wilder

Hear more about Fairgrounds St. Pete (3:21) on the Experience Tampa Bay in 10 Minutes or Less podcast. You can also hear more about the Trans-Siberian Orchestra coming to Tampa Bay (:45) and discover Luv Child in SOHO (6:14).

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Produced by Micaela Figueroa 

Photo Courtesy of Fairgrounds St Pete