Dads, got a pro tip for you. If Mama Bear is like, “Ahh…please take the kids. I need a quick break,” here’s what you need to do. Take the kids to Altitude in Tampa. This Trampoline Park is amazing!

They play great music so there is a totally fun vibe. You can host a party there, too, if you’d like. It’s clean and sanitized. And the kids have an absolute ball bouncing and doing their thing. The only tough part is when it’s time to drag them out of there.

So many cool areas to check out: Battle Beam, Kids’ Court, Rock Wall (my daughter’s favorite), Extreme Basketball, Trampoline Dodge Ball…they’ve got it all. They’ve got some amazing programs for the kids, too, like Glo in the Park, Junior Jumpers Jam. To find out all about Trampoline Park, click here.

Written by R. Wilder

Photo Courtesy of RW

Produced by Micaela Figueroa