Who doesn’t love a good tea party? Sometimes I like to bring my kids to have a lovely ladies’ afternoon of tea. Well, the Mad Hatter Gin and Tea Party takes high tea to a new level.

This is quite the production…an immersive experience involving characters from Alice in Wonderland, tea, and some Gin (craft cocktails)! So yes, THIS entertainment experience is not geared towards kids.

The event has been touring the country, and now you can buy tickets for shows in July in Tampa, a secret location in Tampa.

You’ll meet the infamous Mad Hatter, Dormouse, and March Hare. Enjoy their madcap entertainment and sip tea and a variety of craft cocktails.

It’s 90 minutes of fun, as you are immersed in this fantastical, fictional world.

During this immersive, 90-minute-long crafted cocktail experience, you’ll experience mayhem and merriment as you enjoy delicious concoctions (spiked with a bit of gin!) during your teatime.

Guests are definilty encouraged to dress up in their teatime finest, but in case you need a hat, your Mad Hatter host is happy to lend some out to guests.

Everyone needs a little escape once in a while, right? You’ll find it here at the Mad Hatter Gin and Tea Party.

Answers to questions about the event can be found at here.

And purchase tickets for the show coming to Tampa here.

Hear more about Mad Hatter Gin And Tea Party (3:57) on the Experience Tampa Bay in 10 Minutes or Less podcast. Discover Riveters in Tampa (5:54) and learn about Walk MS (1:21).

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Written by Roxanne Wilder

Produced by Micaela Figueroa