It’s that time of the year when leaves change color around the country except here in Florida where the license plates change color. Master sand sculptors from around the world will be paying a visit to Treasure Island as Sanding Ovations presents “Sandlantis, a Sand Sculpting Exhibition and Competition,” November 18-21 and November 26-28. Beautiful creations using just water and sand will be on display from some of the world’s most talented sand sculptors.

This year there will be a food court, beer garden, an arts and crafts marketplace, live music and fireworks. Here are some of the artists whose work you will see this year.

Dan Doubleday
Treasure Island, Florida
He is a World Champion, International Champion and the first North American to win Sculptors Choice at the World Championship.

Abe Waterman
Not surpisingly, he also does snow sculptures. Doubt we’ll see any of those, even though temps have dropped recently.

Manuel Campos
His favorite works are recreating the anatomy, especially women’s faces.

Sue McGrew

Tacoma, WA
You may have seen her on Travel Channel’s Reality TV show “Sand Masters.”

Deborah Barrett-Cutulle
Saugus, Massachusetts
She was introduced to the sand in 2005 on Revere Beach and now does sand sculptures for a living. What a cool gig!

Written by Geno Knight

Hear more about “Sandlantis” coming to Treasure Island (:59) on the Experience Tampa Bay in 10 Minutes or Less podcast. Get ready for Busch Gardens Christmas Town (3:08) and hear about a Thanksgiving Eve Ybor City Pub Crawl (6:30).

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Produced by Micaela Figueroa

Photo Shutterstock