Stand up paddleboard surf ride along At Indian Shores Beach. Click Video below to ride along. So much 30mph+ wind a couple months ago it left us with a choppy Gulf with some decent waves. The break is usually best at Sunset Beach at Treasure Island. You can always check the Waves at Sunset with this Beach Camera HERE. If you want to learn how to Surf or SUP Surf, watch for smaller waves one or two days after a storm or wind event.

Earlier Saturday morning (surfed 9a to 11a) it was super windy with bigger waves. We use a bigger, more stable paddle board in high winds, but it can be a workout just to catch one or two waves. I don’t use the camera on those as they can snap it right off the board if someone (me) crashes hard. It’s hard to even get out to the break when the wind is 30mph.

One of the first things I teach SUP’ers is how to fall, or bail. Always know your sandbars and depth, and practice your “Monkey Jumps” so you avoid breaking stuff. As the winds calmed to 10-15, we can use a lighter board to add speed. Playing in the waves is really fun, on any board, any time. Some great “life lessons” in surfing. Come join us!

There are a few good to great breaks along the Sun Coast when conditions are right. Sunset Beach is usually best, but also a couple isolated spots at Indian Rocks Beach, and Indian Shores. And, some inlets like Blind Pass (just south of Sunset), and Johns Pass off long breaks and smaller waves for getting the hang of it.

Hear more about surfing at Sunset Beach on Treasure Island (4:51) on the Experience Tampa Bay in 10 Minutes or Less podcast. Plus, get ready for First Friday (:50) and discover one of Tampa Bay’s hottest restaurants, Meat Market (2:19).

Photo and written by K. Connors

Produced by Micaela Figueroa