If you want to find a legit Cuban sandwich in the Tampa area, it’s easy. It’s probably more of a challenge to find a BAD Cuban sandwich. But ever since moving to the Tampa area almost 10 years ago, finding a good spot for Chinese takeout food is cause for celebration.

I can count on one hand the number of really good places I’ve found. First, the best would probably be Yummy House in Tampa. That’s good if you’re in Hillsborough County. A close runner up would be Zom Hee in Seminole if you’re on the Pinellas side. Lastly, would be China One in Tampa near Brandon across from Brandon Ford. China One’s honey garlic chicken lunch special is the biggest thing I miss about living over in that part of town. But honestly, that’s about it. Until now.

For the third time since moving to Tampa, it happened. I missed the last exit on the Pinellas side and ended up having to drive over the Howard Frankland Bridge. I was furious. The construction messed me up or I wasn’t paying attention or both. It blows my mind that there is no “last chance” to get off 275 before the bridge starts.  But I digress. Now cursing up a storm, I was determined to turn this into a positive… and I was starving.

As I came up on the first exit on the Tampa side, I pulled off into a parking lot and opened Yelp on my phone. I was having a craving for Chinese and up popped a place I’d never heard of. Shang Hai Take Out, 3337 S W Shore Blvd in Tampa. Their number if you wanna call in an order is (813) 807-3483.

Written by G. Knight

Hear more about the best Chinese takeout in Tampa Bay (:45) on the Experience Tampa Bay in 10 Minutes or Less podcast. Get ready for Oktoberfest (3:58) and learn more about MacDinton’s Irish Pub (6:43).

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Produced by Micaela Figueroa

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